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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pros and Cons to Reupholstering Furniture

I am an advocate for reusing and recycling furniture but I am also a very honest person.  I want people to know that there are upsides and downsides to tackling your upholstery projects at home.

Pros to reupholstering your furniture at home:
  • Personal satisfaction of creating a unique piece
  • Saves money compared to professionally done and purchasing new
  • Learn new skills
  • Create the look you desire

Cons to reupholstering your furniture at home:
  • Investment of time to learn the skills needed
  • Investment of tools to complete the tasks

Pros to having your furniture reupholstered professionally:
  • You still achieve the custom look compared to mass produced
  • The craftsmanship should be guaranteed

Cons to having your furniture reupholstered professionally:
  • COST!! It's not cheap to have the work professionally done
  • Time- My experience is the turn around time is about 8 weeks

Pros to purchasing new furniture:
  • Quickest way
  • You see the finished product before buying
  • Sometimes cheaper

Cons to purchasing new furniture:
  • Mass produced item
  • You're not saving piece from a landfill
  • Quality may not exist as new furniture is being built with cheaper materials

For upholstery beginners don't take on more than you can.  Start with simple pieces and build your skills up to more advanced furniture.  I have been reupholstering for almost two years and the thought of a vintage couch scares me.  Please know that anything you do to the piece (besides sawing off pieces) can be fixed.  I also attempt new pieces with thrifty finds.  Lastly, know when to ask for help.  There is nothing wrong with taking your piece to the professionals.