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Friday, July 29, 2011

Thirft Storing Tips

I can't deny that I love a good bargain and a great thrift store find. I know some people are completely appalled to purchase something used, I think it's eco-friendly and most times the item needs a second life.

My Tips:
1. Ask what the sale days are, Goodwill is 50% of the entire store the last weekend of each month.
2. Notice pricetag colors, they rotate items by price tag colors and will post what color is one sale.
3. Be cautious of the dressing rooms, I have found the lighting is poor, they are sometimes gross and can turn you off from buying items. For me, if it's cheap enough I'll buy it and donate it back if it doesn't fit.
4. Look in the men's and women's section. I see that the clothes are misplaced or organized by the staff who may not know certain brands.
5. Look very closely for stains, rips, smells and anything 'off'.
6. Ask staff what you're looking for, they know the inventory best and may be able to point you directly at your item so you don't have to search.
7. Always test electronics in the store. Ask to plug them in and see if they work. Some stores check before putting merchandise out, most do not.
8. Know that there is typically a no return policy at thrift store.
9. Feel good about your purchase because most are charities and serve a needy purpose.
10. Try to look beyond the stuff for hidden gems and potential.
11. If you feel like the inventory has been picked over ask when they place most items on the floor.
12. Avoid the busy shopping times, like Saturday's if you don't like crowds.
13. Don't give up on thrift store the first time you go in and don't see anything, thrift storing is about the hunt!
14. Avoid thrift stores close to college campuses, they are over priced and picked over.

My Favorite Thrift Stores (in no particular order)
1. AmVets by the Westminster Mall in Colorado
2. Goodwill by "the Garage Market" in NYC
3. Anna's Angels on Sutherland Avenue in Knoxville
4. KARM on Hall of Fame Drive in Knoxville

I have collected some amazing things in my ten years of thrift storing; $1 ottoman, many $5 chairs, $1 striped wallpaper, $1 records, sunglasses, books, belts, jewelry, and more.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Home Stencils

I just adore my stenciled walls in my bedroom and it was cheap and easy, I promise! Give it a try in your home, it's easy to fix if you change your mind about the pattern or color.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

I completely understand when someone says they do not tweet and they don't see the point. I was on the side of the fence and have a habit of judging new technology before testing. I found it very surprising that my husband was enjoying it so much until I finally caved and joined for myself. Here is my sell for why I think people can enjoy twitter if they use is to their own benefit.

Follow users with similar interests:
I follow those who post about DIY projects, bargain hunting, and interior design.

Follow accounts that are relevant to your passions:
I follow non-profits that inspire me.

Follow those on FB who you find interesting and not the others you can't defriend.
I found Twitter gave me the opportunity to weed out a lot of friends on FB who are not longer relevant to my life but yet I didn't have a reason to defriend.

Follow your favorite media outlets:
I get my headlines from Twitter. My husband does this with sports and it's quick and efficient.

Follow stores and restaurants that you like:
I enjoy following my favorite places because they may offer twitter only discounts or updates on products or services.

Follow anyone who makes you smile or happy:
I will admit that I have a few celebrities and comedians I follow, just as a small guilty pleasure. I also follow some of my favorite bands.

I agree that Twitter is not for everyone. I enjoy having my select group of people I follow (250) feeding me information that I find interesting, entertaining, useful or funny. I feel like I have more control of my experience in social media rather than with Facebook. Having an iphone has also increased the usability of twitter because the apps make it so easy to share a link, reply to a tweet or mention a friend or user account. Twitter is like anything, only as useful as what you get out of it.

If you tweet, follow me at @DecorellaKnox

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bring the Outdoors IN

Although most people are thinking about bringing indoors outside, with 100 degree heat I want to bring the outdoors in. I am interested in creating a feature wall inside my house. Since it is a stone exterior I believe it would tie in nicely. I found some great inspiration online. Interior stones can be used in any room. Please note that interior and exterior stones ARE different. You don't want stones that will break or dust inside your home.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Support Local Businesses

I always try to support local businesses if the quality and price are good. I have been terribly disappointed with Joann's lately. I think the sky opened up and directed me to a family owned foam and upholstery supply store. They are half the price of Joann's and twice the quality. I loved their vintage fabric selection, this was not reproduction.


Monday, July 11, 2011

My advice when reupholstering…

My advice when reupholstering…

#1 Find the piece that you wish to recover. I recommend having the foam in good condition when first learning to reupholster. New foam is more advanced. Take the BEFORE photo.

#2 Order Fabric- be brave! I order online because I am limited in fabric store selections. Always check the width of the fabric you are ordering. Verify that the weight and durability of the fabric is what you are looking for. Samples are great if you are unsure but will delay your project if you are in a rush. I’m cheap, I don’t like to spend more than $12 a yard on upholstery fabric. Always order 1 extra yard, just in case.

#3 Remove existing fabric gently! The better and more carefully you remove the fabric the easier it will be to remember how to replace the fabric and a better template for cutting the new pieces. I recommend taking lots of in process shots to help you remember how it looked. If there are tricky corners or anything, take a photo. You’ll never regret taking too many photos. If there are more than 5 pieces to replace, I will do one section at a time so I don’t forget how it was done.

#4 Replace fabric. This is when you will get very excited about your project. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect the first time, you can always go back and tweak your work one piece at a time. Having a helper doesn’t hurt either if you have someone who likes you enough to hold pieces. I don’t put 1000 staples in on the first go. I do the minimal about of staples until I am positive that it’s perfect, then I will go back and add more staples.

#5 Decorative touches. I think adding something special to the piece is what will make all of the difference. Decorative nail heads, colorful trim, whatever you want. I will admit that I still cannot get an entire line of decorative nail heads perfectly straight. Practice makes perfect I guess.

#6 Take the AFTER photo and share your creation with everyone you know! Enjoy your piece!