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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Cleaning Supplies

Making your own cleaning supplies will save your bank account lots of money. Additionally, depending on how you make your cleaners, you can make make your cleaning products without any toxins and chemicals. I've researched many products and recipes and put my favorites on my blog. Please get creative and share your recipes here.

Supplies and Purpose
Vinegar- is beneficial because vinegar is a safe, inexpensive, and effective cleaner that is easier on the environment than many of the contents of manufactured cleaners

Baking Soda- commonly used natural cleaning product, as it is excellent for softening water, removing grease and oil from cloth, and for descaling appliance such as coffee machines.

Essential Oil- safe and all natural way to scent your products. 

Lemons- You can use lemon peels to clean copper and brass metal showpieces and items that get dirty very easily. Even hard plastics, tupperware, glass doors and windows, rust stains from iron metals can be cleaned with the lemon peels. You can also clean stains on clothes and cloth shoes with lemon peels or juice. You can either use lemon peel alone or make a paste of it with citrus acid to get the best results. Keep lemon peel on the garbage disposal area to prevent odour. Rub a fresh slice of lemon on the cutting board to sanitise it and kill the germs. You can also add few drops of lemon juice to make the clothes smell good. Rub lemon slice on the palms to get rid of cooking smells.

Oranges- This fruit peel or pulp can be used in many ways for cleaning. Take the dried orange peel and grind it to a powder. Add few drops of white vinegar and use it as a citrus cleaner. You can rub off stains from metals, glass panes and tables. You can also remove stubborn stains from your light coloured clothes. You can boil few orange peels in water and spray it as a natural fruit air freshener to spread the aroma of oranges.

Room Refresher (Faux Febreeze)
2 Cups Warm Water
1/4 Cup Fabric Softner
1 Tsp Baking Soda

All Purpose Cleaner
1 Tsp Baking Soda
1/2 TSP Castile or Dish Soap
2 Cups Warm Water

Glass Cleaner
1/4 Cup Vinegar
4 Cups Warm Water

Anti-Bacterial Spray
1 Cup Water
20 Drops Essential Oil ( I used tea tree oil)

Kitchen Degreaser
2 Orange Peels
2 Cups Vinegar
1/2 Cup Warm Water

Monday, March 3, 2014

Can't miss Junior League of Knoxville's Bag-A-Bargain

Knoxville bargain hunters, this is the weekend you've waited all year for: The Junior League of Knoxville's Bag-A-Bargain! This event raises money for Mission of Hope, which is reason enough to come. But, truly the best part is the gigantic warehouse of amazing deals and rare finds. Last year, I bought a mid-century modern side table for $5.00! No joke! Grab your friends and join me this weekend. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Temporary Tattoos Two Ways

I loved temporary tattoos as a child and now my niece and nephew have reminded me how fun they were! I don't know where to buy temporary tattoo but I also would prefer to DIY my tattoos so I have researched two options.

#1 Eyeliner and Liquid Bandage
Materials needed: Eyeliner (liquid or pencil), hair spray & liquid bandage (optional)
Instructions: Be creative while designing your tattoo with eye liner. When you are satisfied with your artwork spray with hairspray for tattoo to last 1-3 days. For additional wear length, drop liquid bandage on your tattoo after the hairspray has dried to increase the length to 3-5 days.

#2 Printing Tattoos
Materials needed: Tattoo Paper, Ink Jet Printer, Wash Cloth, Hair Spray (Optional), and Liquid Bandage (optional)
Instructions: Design your tattoos on your computer using an word or design program. I created mine in Microsoft Word using image placement, word art and clip art. When inserting anything with text, flip your image horizontally since the image is flipped when placed on the body. You should be able to fit 10-15 tattoos per sheet. Next, follow instructions included with tattoo paper which includes printing on the glossy side paper. Next, place tattoo transparent sheet onto of printed tattoo. Then cut out the individual tattoos. Place your tattoo onto the body and using a wet wash cloth, wet the tattoo paper until your tattoo is complete, about 30 seconds.

I recommend spraying with hairspray to increase the length of your tattoo by 1-3 days. Use liquid bandage (after hairspray has dried) to then add 1-2 additional days onto your tattoo. This can be applied several days later as well.

I plan on doing a tattoo parlor the next time I see my niece and nephew.

Please share the tattoos that you make!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How To Create a DIY Photobooth

I just love a fun and quirky photobooth! I recently created one for my book club and family for the holidays. The possibilities are endless but let's talk about the must-have's.

1. Background- I love using fabric (push pins to adhere to your walls), wrapping paper (scotch tape), pipe and drape (curtains) or you can build something custom.

2. Props- This is a must to keep it fun and exciting. I typically go with a theme (Christmas, Baby Shower, etc.) but props that go with any photo booth are fun hats, mustaches, balloons, and a message board. You can buy props on etsy here or download some options here:

3. Camera- You'll need a digital camera and a tripod for ease. I prefer to put my camera on a 10 second delay so everyone can always be in the photo. Make sure you have lots of space for the photos on your memory card.

Always test your camera, lighting and props before your party. I typically share the event photos on Facebook or Snapfish after the event.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Posts of 2013

Like many, I cannot believe that 2013 is over. I am still in shock with the success that my blog has seen this year due to my fabulous followers. This year, I celebrated over 200,000 blog views! What will 2014 hold? 

Decorella's New Year's Resolution is to inspire, engage and create. 

2013 Most Popular Blog Posts

Monday, December 9, 2013

Gift Guide for the Crafty Gal on Your List

I hope to help out some of those who are shopping for the crafty person this year. Or, if crafty, forward this link to help steer the elves in the right direction.


1. MAKE: Craft magazine is my absolute favorite creative magazine and it's the gift that keeps on giving.
2. A nice camera to document all things crafty! I am partial to Canon but truly Nikon is also a great camera.
3. An upholstery staple gun is the next step for those who are obsessed with upholstery.
4. I also would like to add a paint sprayer to the DIY wishlist. It saves time a money = good investment.
5. The Creative Workshop book is an excellent and thoughtful gift of inspiration.
6. Gift he gift of custom fabric, gift wrap and wallpaper with a Spoonflower gift card.
7. Coloring books are for adults too. I love the Fashion series. They have a Ryan Gosseling book too, just saying...
8. Who doesn't love custom stationary? I'm sure your special someone would use it to write you a thank you card.