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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Upcycle: Creating a iPad Cover from Hardcover Book

Do you have a tablet, iPad, Kindle, or Nook that you need a case for?  Creating a case out of a hardcover book might do the trick.  I like it because I use my devices for reading and I don't feel as guilty for converting to the electronic book.  An added bonus is that is costs less than $5 to create. 

Supplies Needed:
Hardcover book (about .5 inch thick and just slight bigger than your electronic device)
Razor Cutter
Fabric or decorative paper (for inside lining)
Elastic (1/4 yard)
Super Glue
Adhesive felt 

Step 1: Remove the cover and pages from your book.  To remove pages, slice the binding at the front and back of the pages.  

 Step 2: Adhere fabric (use spray adhesive) or sticky contact paper to the inner lining of the book.  You could also use a decorative paper.

Step 3:  Cut felt pieces for the inside back of the book cover.  You'll want to cut the felt to the exact size of your device.  Next, apply your elastic to the back of the felt.  You have the option to use the elastic on the corners or apply two vertically on the sides of the device.  Make sure the felt is a strong adhesive, feel free to add more glue to enforce the attachment to the book cover.

Optional: You may also add felt to the left side of the cover to help from scratching the screen.

I think this project is a great gift idea and can be personalized for the recipient.  I used vintage home decor books to reflect my passion.  I also plan to use the pages that I removed as framed art and matting for framed photos. 

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