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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Make Curtains from a Bed Sheet

You won't believe me when I tell you this one of the easiest projects to do. I showcased this project on the morning show.

Items Needed:
One Flat Sheet (Full Size, 81" x 96") (Queen Size, if you have taller windows, 90" x 102")
Seam Ripper
One of the following:  Sewing Machine, Iron a Seam, or Hot Glue Gun

I'm showing you two different options in this project; a rod pocket curtain and an invisible tab curtain.

The easiest of the options is the rod pocket curtain.  First, cut your curtains exactly in half (cut up the longest length).  The next step is to hem the seam that you just cut.  Using a sewing machine, iron seam or hot glue iron and pin your seam to match the hem on the opposite side.  Do this for both curtain panels; you should have two curtain panels if you cut correctly.  Next, using a seam ripper, remove the shown seam on the top left and right pockets to create an opening for the curtain rod.

Ta-Da! You're done. It's that easy.

Photo: Welcome to Heardmont

Photo: Naptime Novels

The Invisible Tab Curtain is just as easy as gives a modern and high end look.  After you have cut and hemmed your bed sheet into two panels you will need to cut ribbon or extra fabric for the tabs.  If you've removed length for the sheet to accommodate a shorter window height then the extra fabric is perfect.  If you don't have extra fabric then use at least 2" ribbon in width.   Lay your curtains with the pattern size facing down.  Evenly spread your tabs to create multiple ripples when placed on the rod.  I recommend six inches apart.  Last, you can sew, glue or iron a seam to the ribbons or extra fabric.

Photo: Welcome to Heardmont

Photo: Welcome to Heardmont
Photo: EHow

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Inspires You to DIY?

I aim to inspire individuals to try new things, feel creative and accomplish a project successfully.  I am inspired by so many things.  I an anxious and giddy when at the hardware store, I am addicted to Pinterest and DIY blogs, I can't get enough of HGTV and I can't stop making things. 

What inspires you? Please leave a comment to better allow me to inspire you.  Are you a visual learner? Woudl you like to see more videos?  I want to know and I know you want to tell me.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Worth the Trip to Asheville

I love spending the day in Asheville, NC.  Each time I visit Asheville, I make sure to stop into one of my favorite modern furniture shops, Mobilia.  I highly recommend the boutique for the perfect statement piece and new family heirloom. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Before and After Weekend Chair Makeover

This unwanted chair had a sign that said "make me an offer."  I didn't let the magic marker scare me off.   After different attempts, I found that baking soda mixed with water is the perfect combination to remove marker.  I just wish I figured this out prior to my sanding and unsuccessful concoctions.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Homemade Dog Toys

I enjoy spoiling my dogs. Actually, I love spoiling all dogs.  My favorite part of the Farmer's Market is dog watching.  Here are some ideas to treat your pups with items you may already have on hand.

T-Shirt Tug Toy

Supplies Needed:
Stretch t-shirts/yoga pants (for best results, cannot be 100% cotton)

1. Cut the t-shirt into 1 inch strips by 18 inches (length can vary by t-shirt)
2. Pull the ends of the strips to strips to allow the material to roll
3. Once you have twenty strips you have the option to tie together or braid for the perfect dog toy. 

Other Ideas

Craft Zine

Salted and Styled

Heidi's Old House

Ammo the Dachshund

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Garage Sale

I think my business endeavors began with hosting garage sales in my front yard and selling my family's belongings without their permission when I was six.  With my 20+ years of experience I have some advice to host your own successful garage sale. 

1. List your garage sale on Craigslist and other free online sites (facebook).  If possible, include pictures of your items and list some hot ticket items like furniture or collectibles.  Your local newspaper charges so consider whether it's worth the investment. 
2.  Make plenty of signs and post with directional arrows to your house coming from all major streets.  Make sure to post your address and time of sale in LARGE writing so cars driving by can easily identify your information. 
3.  Mark your house with balloons to draw attention during your sale. 

  • Clothing- Make sure clothing is washed and preferably hung.  You will receive higher dollar if they don't have to dig through a pile.  Organize clothing by size or season for easy shopping. 
  • Furniture- Place furniture or other hot ticket items closest to the road for those who drive by to see if they'd like to stop by. 
  • Organize items how you might find them in a store, like outdoor items in one section, etc. 
  • Rent or borrow tables for easy shopping and merchandising. 
  • Make sure everything is labeled.  This helps buyers and you when you get a rush of customers. 
Optional Tips:
1. Accept credit cards- you can apply for Intuit or Square to process credit cards on your smart phone. I use mine at the Farmer's Market and I feel like people have no excuse and may purchase more. 
2. Offer delivery with a fee- if you have to take the item to the dump you might as well deliver it to a good home. 
3. Be ready 30 minutes or more to your advertised start time.  People try to be the first customers there and will begin shopping whether you are set-up or not. 
4.  Feel free to sell cold beverages or snacks.  Hardcore garage sellers need to eat and drink too.  This advice comes from my integrated lemonade stand when I was a kid; it worked every time. 
5. I don't allow buyers into my house for security, even if they need to use the restroom. 
6. I also don't advise holding an item for a buyer unless it's paid in full. 
7. Start your sale before 9am, this is when you will get those wanting to purchase items.  If you start at noon you may only make half of what you could have it's you decided to get your worm. 

Invite your friends over and have fun with it.  My husband and I made it into a competition to see who was the better sales person.  I'm sure I won! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Backyard Update

I hate to even show you the before pictures but this shows you how much work was involved.


We aren't finished yet but we are giving ourselves some time before we dive back in.