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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Make Chalk Board Paint

I have looked into purchasing chalkboard paint and found it’s over $40 a gallon. My recipe is the exact same thing and can be used with leftover paint saving you a lot of money.
1 cup paint
2 tablespoons white non-sanded grout (1 can is $2)

Mix together until the consistency is equal to yogurt. The grout thickens the paint and will slightly dilute the color. 1 cup of paint will go a long way. The paint will only last about 12 hours, after it sits for a day it will become too thick to use. To remove chalk use a damp paper towel and don’t place in the dishwasher, you must hand wash.

I used my paint to create a cheese serving tray, wine glasses and beer steins. I also have included some of the best chalk board paint uses.

Source: Houzz