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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Make Curtains from a Bed Sheet

You won't believe me when I tell you this one of the easiest projects to do. I showcased this project on the morning show.

Items Needed:
One Flat Sheet (Full Size, 81" x 96") (Queen Size, if you have taller windows, 90" x 102")
Seam Ripper
One of the following:  Sewing Machine, Iron a Seam, or Hot Glue Gun

I'm showing you two different options in this project; a rod pocket curtain and an invisible tab curtain.

The easiest of the options is the rod pocket curtain.  First, cut your curtains exactly in half (cut up the longest length).  The next step is to hem the seam that you just cut.  Using a sewing machine, iron seam or hot glue iron and pin your seam to match the hem on the opposite side.  Do this for both curtain panels; you should have two curtain panels if you cut correctly.  Next, using a seam ripper, remove the shown seam on the top left and right pockets to create an opening for the curtain rod.

Ta-Da! You're done. It's that easy.

Photo: Welcome to Heardmont

Photo: Naptime Novels

The Invisible Tab Curtain is just as easy as gives a modern and high end look.  After you have cut and hemmed your bed sheet into two panels you will need to cut ribbon or extra fabric for the tabs.  If you've removed length for the sheet to accommodate a shorter window height then the extra fabric is perfect.  If you don't have extra fabric then use at least 2" ribbon in width.   Lay your curtains with the pattern size facing down.  Evenly spread your tabs to create multiple ripples when placed on the rod.  I recommend six inches apart.  Last, you can sew, glue or iron a seam to the ribbons or extra fabric.

Photo: Welcome to Heardmont

Photo: Welcome to Heardmont
Photo: EHow


Divan Beds said...

I've been reading some of your post and this one is so unique. Out of bed sheets comes a curtain. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions on type of sheet fabric? I'm thinking of one because I love the pattern but I'm worried because it wrinkles easily & is a super soft cotton. Thoughts?

Elaine Edwards said...

Awesome! Thank you

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