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Friday, October 9, 2015

DIY Print Making with Sketch Boards or Stryofoam and Ink

I cannot thank my friend Laura Lee enough for teaching me print making. As you can tell by my lack of posting, I've lacked the time and energy to be creative. Being creative isn't about making something fantastic, it's about being mindful and taking time for self-care. 

Items needed:
Sketch Boards (or Styrofoam)
Print Ink 
Print Rollers
Lots of paper towels
Design (Coloring books are great or print a design off the computer to trace)
Additional Resources HERE and HERE

Tape your design on top of your styrofoam. Next, with a ballpoint pen, trace out your design. 

Start by using a small dab, size of a quarter onto a solid surface. We used cafeteria trays but you could do it on a table or cookie sheet, just remember to clean off within thirty minutes. 

Next, roll the ink to completely cover the roller. Then make several even rolls over your styrofoam. I suggest to start rolling off the foam to prevent darker edges and to enhance evenness. It takes some practice. 


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