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Sunday, November 25, 2012

DIY Star Light Star Bright

I love the holiday season and just about everything that comes it. The lights, shopping, decorations, sweets and parties makes me one happy girl. I wanted to spruce up my holiday decorations this year so I created a lighted star that would be perfect inside or outside. I completed this project for under $10 and less than 30 minutes.

Items Needed:
-String Lights (I used 100 bulb but 50 bulb string should work)
-5 Dowels (I used 36" x .5" dowels from Home Depot)
-Screws and Drill (I used 5/8" because my wood width is .5", yours may vary based on your wood pieces)
-Paint or Stain, optional
-Wood Glue (you could use wood glue to adhere the dowels together if you don't have a drill)

Begin by staining or painting your dowels to your desired look. Next, place you pieces in a star design, overlapping and rearranging until all 5 corners match up. Then glue or screw together your dowels on the corners where they meet. Lastly, starting at one end, wrap your lights around your star, fully covering all sides. Plug-in to admire your easy project.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shop Local: Small Business Saturday

I love Small Business Saturday in conjunction with holiday shopping. I think the holiday season can be make-it or break-it for many small businesses. Here is where I will be shopping.

Bliss and Bliss Home I may be Bliss's best customer if they give out awards. They  have three locations for easy shopping, downtown on Market Square and in West Knoxville in the Gallery Shopping Center. Bliss has the gifts for the modern couple on your list. Home decor, clothing, accessorizes, and custom orders are their specialities. They have the best customer service too!

Fig and Company This newly opened store contains beautiful home decor items, candles, chairs, great jewelry, chocolates galore and stocking stuffers you'll need. Good luck trying not to buy yourself something. They are located in Bearden on Kingston Pike.

Nothing Too Fancy- Downtown on Union, this is the best shop for the coolest t-shirt, poster, and other screen printed gifts for the men and women on your list. Tell Lisa and Dustin that Danielle sent you.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Featured in HGTV iPad App

I just adore the HGTV iPad applications and have fallen in love with the HGTV SHELF magazine. To my greatest surprise a little birdie told me that my HGTV video would be fetaured in the newest issue. So.... check it out!!!

My Video

I am asking all of my blog followers to download the app ($.99 for the new issue) but I promise you won't regret it. It's full of DIY ideas, modern trends, and projects galore. Satisfaction guaranteed, by me!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dream Dog Designs

I am in awe over these beautifully designed dog houses for the Austin, TX Barkitecture fundraiser. I am so inspired by their work. These dog houses may make you think differently about dog houses. I know I am inspired.

For more information about the event click HERE.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Outdoor Lighting

As you may know, we are knee deep into our outdoor remodeling and landscape design. I have learned a lot as we are mid-progress and I hope to not have any additional surprises.  By surprises, I'm talking financial surprises. If you see me on a street corner with a cardboard sign it would read "Need money, spent every last penny on backyard".

Just to give you a picture of how truly ugly the before image is, here is the carport that will be transformed into our new garden patio and enteraining oasis.

I can't stop pinning my dream backyard which would include intimate lighting to showcase the new design at night.
Modern Lighting

Glowing Cubes

Glowing Orbs

Battery Operated Torches

We are getting closer to the implementation process. Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

DIY Microwavable Hand Warmers

Here in Knoxville, TN is it that time of year to bundle up when going outside. My instructions for DIY microwavable hand warmers will be great to beat the cold but also makes a great stocking stuffer.

Items Needed:
Sewing Machine
Rice (I used white long grain, 1/2 cup per set)
Fleece Fabric (Cut in 4" x 4" pieces, four pieces needed per pair)
Decoration Fabric (Optional, cut in 4" x 4"pieces, four pieces needed per pair)

Lay your decorative fabric squares on top of your fleece. 

Match the 'right' side of your square on top, facing each other. 

Sew your pieces together leaving a 2 inch gap to turn your fabric inside out. 

Cut the corners for pointer corners when folded. 

Fold inside out through the 2 inch opening. 

Stuff your hand warmer with 1/4 cup rice.

Hand stitch or machine stitch your 2 inch opening to enclose the rice. 

Ta-da! To use, microwave for 30 seconds for 1 hour enjoyment. 

Optional add-in:
Scents- vanilla, herb or lavender- the fragrance will be heightened when microwaved

Optional use: 
Keep in the freezer as a cold pack for small injuries. 

My instructions can be adapted to make a body heat pack, I made a 10" x 6" heat pack/ headache cool pack using the same method. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Benson Backyard

Monday, November 5, 2012

Contributing Blogger

I am very happy to be a contributing blogger for organizations that I believe in and have a passion for. Please take a few moments to visit some of my work on other projects.

Bliss Blog
I have the pleasure of contributing to Bliss's blog, a wonderful blog for Knoxville's best furniture, home store, gift shop and clothing boutique.

In 2003, Bliss opened its doors and began providing a place to shop for Knoxvillians who were tired of the standard retail environment. The unmatched variety of inventory and Market Square location brought recognition and expansion. In 2005 and 2008, two separate Bliss Home stores were opened, one downtown and one in West Knoxville on Kingston Pike. Both Bliss Home stores offer casual contemporary furnishings, rugs and inspiring art and accessories. Whether buying a gift for someone, apparel for yourself or coordinating your entire home, discover why you’ll want to shop in bliss and live in bliss.

24 Market Square
Knoxville, TN 37902
Hours: Mon-Sat: 10 - 9; Sun: 12 - 6

Bliss Home
West Location
7240 Kingston Pk
Knoxville, TN 37919
Hours: Mon-Sat: 10 - 7; Sun: 12 - 5

Downtown Location
29 Market Square
Knoxville, TN 37902
Hours: Mon-Sat: 11 - 7; Sun: 12 - 5

If you have any questions about our policies, do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Goodwill Knoxville Industries Blog
Goodwill and I could be soul-mates; I love a bargain and charities. I am honored to serve by blogging about some of my Goodwill projects. I hope to inspire others to be creative through helping a deserving cause.

Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, Inc. has grown into twenty-seven retail locations and five employment training and rehabilitation centers throughout its 15 county service area.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Being Thankful

November is the month of being thankful and I will happily take part. There are the things that I, as Decorella am thankful for. 

  • Pinterest, it makes me happier than I can explain
  • Thrift Stores, so many possibilities
  • Estate Sales, that sounds very morbid, sorry
  • Miter Saw, I received one for my birthday
  • Staple Gun, I use it for everything
  •, so many great deals on fabric
  • Book club, the perfect excuse to take a break from DIY
  • Fox Morning Show, my regular segments keep me accountable and productive
  • Farmer's Markets, I just adore doing the farmer's markets
  • My Wonderful Husband, he supports all of my crazy DIY ideas
  • My Historic House, it always gives me plenty of projects
  • My Blog Fans, without you I would just be wasting a lot of time. Thank you for reading!