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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Make Your Own Notepads

It is so simple to create your own notepads or memory books with a compound glue found at most craft stores. I purchased mine at Jerry's Artarama  in Knoxville.  Available online here.   I used leftover scrapbook paper for a simple notepad.  The possibilities are endless.

Items Needed:
Desired Paper (cut to a matching size for all pieces)
Notepad/ Book Binding Compounding Glue
Thin Cardboard (Gift boxes work perfectly)
Binder Clips
Small Paint Brush
Decorative Tape (optional, if you wish to cover the glue)

Instructions: Attach your desire paper together with the cardboard on the back with binder clips.  Using a small brush, paint the glue on the one side of the paper you wish to bind.  Let sit for 2 hours and repeat the process.  It's that easy!

Chica and Jo 


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