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Monday, April 9, 2012

Backyard = Backpain

I can comfortably say that I hate yard work.  The only thing I hate more than yard work is how ugly, gross and impractical my yard is. So, I do yard work.  I know for many people yard work is an escape for stress and considered a 'hobby'.  Let's just say I don't like those people.

The weather in Tennessee has become perfect for outdoor activities and I am working yard to make sure my yard is ready for the action. I am showing you the before and during to prove that I have been very busy.  I will leave you with my inspiration for the future of my yard.

Problems include: Ivy, slope, weeds, poor dirt, rotten retaining wall and ugly cement.

 In process: removed ivy and rotten retaining walls. Time spent: About 6 hours

In process: leveled dirt and built a concrete retaining wall.  Items to do: prime and paint wall, mulch, plant flowers and create stone facade on bottom wall.

I have created a Pinterest Inspiration Board HERE

What I hope my future yard will look like

Better Homes and Garden


Better Homes and Garden

Better Homes and Garden



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