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Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY Dog Feeder Tutorial by Design Sponge

When it's too cold to take your dog for a jog, make a crate for your mate. I know that I am too cheesy, but Design Sponge has a great tutorial on how to crate this one-of-a-kind piece.
Full Instructions HERE

What You’ll Need:

-Wooden crate (sanded well to prevent splinters)
-Stainless steel food bowls ( and Pet Food stores have affordable options)
-Jig saw
-Drill with large wood drill bit
-Wood sealer


1. You will need two dog bowls with a lip (one for water, one for food). The lip will keep the bowls resting in the top of the crate. I used 2-quart stainless steel bowls that I got at my local chain pet store.

2. Measure your dog bowls to determine how much surface area you need to hold them. Allow an extra two inches on each side of the bowls and two inches between the bowls (total of an additional 6 inches in length and 4 inches in depth). If you don’t leave enough room around the bowls, the integrity of the box may fail the first time your dog accidentally sits on it.

3. Scour your local antique shops for a wooden crate that suits your style. It needs a top, obviously, but having a bottom is optional. Our crate is 26 inches by 13 inches and 9 inches tall.

4. We leave ours unpainted, but I recommend protecting the wood with a clear sealer. Auggie is a slobbery dog, and protecting the wood against water damage will keep it looking good.

5. Measure the inside diameter of the bowls and make paper templates. Lay the templates on your crate until the layout is symmetrical. Trace the templates onto your crate top.

6. Use a wood drill to make a hole inside the area that will hold the bowls. This hole will be a starter place for the jig saw blade.

7. Use a jig saw to cut out the holes. I once used a handsaw to do this, and it took a couple hours. But if that’s all you have, it will work. Use what grandpa calls elbow grease. Once the holes are cut sand the crate and holes again to prevent any splinters for your pet.

8. I also put little protective feet on the bottom to keep the crate from scratching the wood floors. You can pick these up at your local hardware store.

9. If your box comes with a lid you can easily add hinges from your local hardware store to create a unit that acts as storage as well as a feeder.

10. Place your bowls in the feeder, fill with food and let your pets enjo