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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wine Corks Repurposed

I have just returned from a fabulous trip to Napa Valley, California. I cannot tell you enough how beautiful the scenery is. The entire valley is so inspiring; the area is a sensory overload with the best food, wine, and art. I am now making lots of creative things from my trip.


Wine Cork Message Board

Items Needed:
Wine Corks- the more the merrier
Hot Glue Gun
Mirror, Picture Frame, Wood, or other material that can hang

If you don't have enough wine corks, many craft store and home improvement stores sell wine corks.

I began by playing with what design I wanted to use. After I decided, I began hot glueing the corks onto the frame from the top. The entire project took me less than 30 minutes and I will always remember my trip to Napa Valley.

My next wine project with be  to try  to replicate this piece of art I saw at a vineyard.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dining Room Buffet Into Media Stand

This is by far my favorite piece of furniture  that I have worked on.  I feel so proud after a completed project like this.  This original 1968 dining buffet was purchased from a great local thrift shop Anna's Angels (shop by if you haven't yet) for a great deal.  I just fell in love with it but I had to wait to get the approval from the hubs.  There was a lot of convincing that needed to be made.  He didn't see the vision that I had.  I won (as always) and took  this beautiful piece home with me for some needed love.

My living room media stand before is almost 6 years old and doesn't match the rest of the furniture in the room.
The top hutch came off easily. I began by removing all hardware.  Next, I clean the piece with basic soap and water. Then came by power sander, I used a fine grit (no need to start with a large grit since I wasn't removing paint).
Always sand in the direction that your wood grain flows.
This piece had a lot of scratches and dents, even more than I had anticipated. I used Elmer's Carpenter Wood Filler.  Smooth onto your scratch, let dry 15 minutes to small scratches and up to 2 hours for deep scratches.  Then sand again and clean with a damp rag.

Next, I used a beautiful Minwax stain and polyurethane combination for the front drawers.  This was my first time using this product and I don't think I will use anything differently. The finish and seal is super high quality.
After many hours in the 100 degree sun, it was finally time to start painting.  I used a paint and primer in one to try something new. I'm not 100% sold, I still might stick with the traditional two step process.  It was hard to trying judge the product since i was working in such heat. My paint was drying in just seconds. I applied three coats of the paint and primer hi-gloss enamel with a roller brush (always my preference over bristle brushes).

I used a metallic spray paint to enhance the gold drawer pulls. I think it was subtle but worth painting.

After my painted piece was dry (in the heat, not too long) I was ready to apply my polyurethane. I first started with a clear spray finish.  This stuff is extremely toxic, you must wear a face mask and use outside. I admit that I didn't use a face mask and I was sick to my stomach after the first coat.  My husband applied the second coat.  It also helps to read the instructions, we didn't sand in between the first two coats of polyurethane and I wish we had. I went back to the hardware store to get something else because the finish was yellowish and blotchy (could be from the heat or because I didn't sand).  I switched to an oil-based can of polyurethane and did two additional coats while sanding and cleaning in between coats. This process is very difficult for impatient people (myself), because the drying time and continuous coats takes a lot of effort.

It now looks great as a buffet table or console table. BUT, this wasn't my intention. We need a new media stand so the transformation must continue.

We removed teh top drawer because it was the best size for the cable box and XBox.

We then drew and cut a slot in the back for the media cords using a jigsaw.

I invite you all to come over (it would be nice to have a party excuse) to come and see our great media stand. Movie night!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Not your typical picture frame

I'm so glad I finally have a use for all of my extra picture frames.  Pinterest (again) is inspiring me to be more creative and learn how to re-purpose every day household items.

Picture frames are truly versatile for many additional functions besides showcasing your photos.  Here I will be showing you how to use your picture frames to display your necklaces, earrings and create a great memo board.

I began with spray painting four mix-matched picture frames.

For the first frame, I stapled a Dollie behind to create a feminine look to hold my earrings.

For the next two frames, I measured out equal distances to place small hooks for my necklaces.  I used a drill bit to start the holes and then was able to screw in the tiny hooks for the completed look.

 For the fourth frame, I kept it simple and only placed the glass in the frame.  This now allows me to use the picture frame as a memo board next to my vanity by using a dry erase marker.

Think outside the box with your picture frames.  Below are some additional ideas to easily incorporate into your home. 

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