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Monday, November 12, 2012

Outdoor Lighting

As you may know, we are knee deep into our outdoor remodeling and landscape design. I have learned a lot as we are mid-progress and I hope to not have any additional surprises.  By surprises, I'm talking financial surprises. If you see me on a street corner with a cardboard sign it would read "Need money, spent every last penny on backyard".

Just to give you a picture of how truly ugly the before image is, here is the carport that will be transformed into our new garden patio and enteraining oasis.

I can't stop pinning my dream backyard which would include intimate lighting to showcase the new design at night.
Modern Lighting

Glowing Cubes

Glowing Orbs

Battery Operated Torches

We are getting closer to the implementation process. Any advice would be greatly welcomed.


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