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Friday, November 2, 2012

Being Thankful

November is the month of being thankful and I will happily take part. There are the things that I, as Decorella am thankful for. 

  • Pinterest, it makes me happier than I can explain
  • Thrift Stores, so many possibilities
  • Estate Sales, that sounds very morbid, sorry
  • Miter Saw, I received one for my birthday
  • Staple Gun, I use it for everything
  •, so many great deals on fabric
  • Book club, the perfect excuse to take a break from DIY
  • Fox Morning Show, my regular segments keep me accountable and productive
  • Farmer's Markets, I just adore doing the farmer's markets
  • My Wonderful Husband, he supports all of my crazy DIY ideas
  • My Historic House, it always gives me plenty of projects
  • My Blog Fans, without you I would just be wasting a lot of time. Thank you for reading!