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Thursday, January 5, 2012

How To Paint Your Laminate Counters

I am not against having laminate counters. I do, however, dislike when they pretend to look like real stone. My bathroom vanity was too masculine for me so I decided to paint my counters. I looked up various ways to do this and this is how it worked for me.
First, start with a clean dry surface.

Sand the counter by hand or with an electric sander until it feels slightly rough. When I did this it didn't look different but I could feel the texture changing.

Next, tape the edges and cover fully with primer. I used two coats of all-purpose primer. You could also use spray can primer.

Then, roll on your desired paint color. I did three coats for a very even finish but two coats would have covered just fine. The very final step (I didn't photograph) is to spray on several layers of polyurethane. This will smell very bad. I used a fan to help circulate the air.


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Anthony said...

Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you

Charlotte said...

I am so thankful for this information. I wanted to paint some laminated pieces but wanted to make sure it wouldn't peel and looked professional. I actually wanted a color similar to what you used so now I feel really confident taking on this project and hope my finished product looks as good as yours.

Tom Brady said...

Beautiful! Thank your article! I love each detail that you share. Please continue to share with me when you have new posts.