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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dog Door Scratch Repair

Repairing awful looking door scratches is easier than you might think. After many hours of wasted research I realized I had a simple solution at my figertips. I found some cherry oak wood stain in my basement that worked perfectly with no sanding involved in the process. The smell was very strong and it took about 24 hours to dry but I love that it was an easy fix.


afrisadventure said...

Thank you for the great tip! My dog has a tendency to sometimes accidentally scratch the front door when I'm gone (she tries to open it and seems to rather often forget that she cannot open a doublelocked door). My door is of similiar material. I was wondering how strong the smell was, as in were you able to stay there despite the strong smell? I'm asking because I have a rather small 1-room apartment.

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