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Monday, September 26, 2011

Second Life Makes Statement Look

After 8 long weeks I have a great makeover to share with everyone. This was a very special project because so much love went into every decision about what to do with this family heriloom. My friend, client, and fellow KD alum asked me to help her give her life to a chair she cherished. We did just about everything you could do to this chair without changing the shape. We reglued, refinished the wood, painted the back, polished the brass and reupholstered the cushion. It was worth every minute though! I just adore the finished project and it looks great in her home and matches her house perfectly.


Evan Center said...

This is so beautiful! And inspiring! where did you get the fabric? Do you happen to live near a great fabric store or do you have some good online sourcing recommendations for us?