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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Eggs Decorella Style

There are countless ways to create beautiful Easter eggs, and I couldn't pick just one option to feature. I made quite a mess but it was worth it. 

For traditional pastel eggs use water with your dye, for medium tone use lemon juice and for bright colors use vinegar with your dye. 

 1. Use sharpies to decorate your eggs with patterns, phrases, names, designs or just plain doodles. Sharpies come in so many great colors that it's very inspiring to think of the possibilities.

2. Ombre eggs- using your typical egg dye continue to dip your egg into your dye to create the very on trend look. 

3. Mod podge your heart away! I used magazine clipping but feel inspired to use fabric, glitter, or just about anything you can mod podge. 

 4. Marbled eggs- Add a tablespoon of oil to allow a very texturized and organic look to your eggs. Each egg will truly be unique. I recommend just one or two quick dips into the egg bath for the best results.

5. Tie-dye with nailpolish. Drip a few drops of any nail polish color into a water egg bath to create a funky crazy look to your eggs. 

6. The golden egg- I dipped the left egg into gold paint and let it drip dry and used mod podge for the second and rolled it in a glitter bath. 


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