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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lesson Learned, Zippers!!!

Thank you to the FABULOUS BRETT BARA! I found this fantastic crafter, blogger and writer from Twitter. Check her out here at On here she has great hot-to videos including a video on a simple zippered pillow.

Zippers are on thing I have always been intimidated to try. Earlier this month when my mother came to visit we discovered that she also had never attempted a zipper. With the help of her online video, my mother and I completed the pillow in under 30 minutes. It's actually not hard! I scored some vintage zippers for $.25 and used leftover fabric from my Ms. Pac Man chairs and made a small pillow for my office chair.

I highly recommend her book, Sewing In A Straight Line. The projects are well designed, modern and make great tutorials for the beginner sewer.