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Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY Backyard Citronella Mason Jar Candles

This week's post is all about an easy to do project. I love being outside in my recently renovated backyard but I hate the bugs. The bugs love me. With just a couple of easy to find items, you can create your own citronella candles from mason jars. I estimate that each costs $3.75 and will last you the entire summer. 

I imagine these to be perfect for a backyard wedding. They can serve the purpose of table decor, yet they keep the bugs away from your guests. 

Items needed:
Mason jar(s)
Citronella oil (purchased at Kroger but can also be found at Lowe's or Home Depot)
Rosemary (substitute any herb that smells good)
Lemon slices
Floating Candle
Ribbon (optional) 

Load up your ingredients in your mason jar (or decorative vase), oil, rosemary and lemon slices before topping with your floating candle. In just order three minutes you can have the perfect outdoor centerpiece that does double duty! The smell is fantastic and will keep you outside for hours on end. 


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