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Monday, December 9, 2013

Gift Guide for the Crafty Gal on Your List

I hope to help out some of those who are shopping for the crafty person this year. Or, if crafty, forward this link to help steer the elves in the right direction.


1. MAKE: Craft magazine is my absolute favorite creative magazine and it's the gift that keeps on giving.
2. A nice camera to document all things crafty! I am partial to Canon but truly Nikon is also a great camera.
3. An upholstery staple gun is the next step for those who are obsessed with upholstery.
4. I also would like to add a paint sprayer to the DIY wishlist. It saves time a money = good investment.
5. The Creative Workshop book is an excellent and thoughtful gift of inspiration.
6. Gift he gift of custom fabric, gift wrap and wallpaper with a Spoonflower gift card.
7. Coloring books are for adults too. I love the Fashion series. They have a Ryan Gosseling book too, just saying...
8. Who doesn't love custom stationary? I'm sure your special someone would use it to write you a thank you card.