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Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to Refinish a Dresser

I'll walk you through how I turned a thrift store dresser into a statement piece in my guest bedroom.

#1. Purchase (or if you already have move to step two) dresser you wish to refinish. I suggest inspecting all legs, drawers and sides to see how much work you will need to do. This piece had only minor scratches.

#2. Fill scratches and holes with wood filler. Wait and sand where you filled.
#3 Sand, I know many people skip this but it just takes a few minutes (20ish) and you won't regret it.

#4 Prime, I prefer a spray primer. It only costs about $3 and will help your paint job look professional.
#4 Let dry before painting. I choose a red paint to try to stay close to a color that would be similar to the period of the piece. Plus, I like a bold statement.
#5 Paint- I choose to paint with a 3" roller brush. I find it easier and you'll have less lines from a paint brushed finish. I gave it three coats before doing detail touch up.
#6 I choose to do a detail stencil on the top drawer. Once the red coat was dry I was able to wipe and place my stencil. I again used a sponge brush and gave it one layer. The trick to stencils is to not use too much paint or it will seep under and you won't get a clear finish. You will always need to paint over with a small detail brush.


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