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Monday, January 10, 2011

Homeowner Sorrows

We love our historic home, you can't put a price on the charm and character. Actually, you can price out how much historic windows will cost you. We received our first utility bill and died, six times what we paid in our loft. It appears that our vintage and original windows suck out our expensive heat and are freezing us out.

What is your thoughts on historic windows? I love the charm and worry about resale. Could we replace them? Purchase shutters? Create heavy duty curtains?

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double u said...

heavy duty curtains. we have that back home in jersey. no need to do anything more because you're in tennessee. getting new double pane windows that look old, will cost you so much more. curtains make everything so much more cozy too :)

Kirby said...

okay to keep the heat in and the cold out you need to but plastic over each window. most hardware stores will care a special kit. You're parents might have done this in CO. it will keep your bills down.

I love the look and charm though!