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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bridal Showers

I am so excited for my upcoming Bridal Showers. Next weekend in Colorado, my Maid of Honor and older sister Kim and a family friend, Audrey, are throwing me a honeymoon bridal shower. Since Bryan and I are going to Belize, it will be very tropical and I am so excited for the honeymoon. It is so cold outside so the thought of bikini weather makes me warm. Mixed drinks, beach hats, scuba diving, I just can't wait!!
Next month, my sister is throwing me a shower in Knoxville. The theme is book/coffee shop. Guests are asked to purchase a book that I would enjoy along with something that matches the book. Thoughtful books are my favorite gifts. It will be downtown at Remedy Coffee which is the perfect coffee shop because they have a great book swap and great coffee. I will post photos after each shower.


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