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About Me

Danielle Benson is the owner of Decorella. She grew up in Denver, Colorado and moved to Knoxville, Tennessee for school in 2003. Decorella was inspired by her first home as a newlywed and the desire to create a home that truly reflected her style and personality. 
“I’ve always been very thrifty and resourceful, especially when it comes to home design. I am passionate about helping others design their home to fit their personalities and to create family heirlooms”- Danielle Benson, Decorella

Why Reupholster and Refinish?

o Options are endless (Decorella has the best selection of fabric and decorate details)

o Recycle your current furniture

o Restore value in your furnishings

o Create a statement in your home with a one-of-a-kind piece

o It’s easy!