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Thursday, November 27, 2014

DIY Holiday Card Display

I'm always stumped about how to best display the beautiful holiday cards that I receive each year. I was inspired at my local hardware store to create a beautiful display with chicken wire. 

Items Needed:
1 roll chicken wire (many options to pick from)
2 long wood pieces (1/2 inch thick, any size desired)
2 short wood pieces (1/2 inch thick, any size desired)
4 corner brackets
Screw driver
Wire cutter
Staple gun 

 I used a 2 inch hex netting wire design. 
First, stain or paint your four wood pieces. 

I went with a Christmas festive green stain from IKEA. 

Next, align your wood pieces into a square/trangle and attach decorative brackets. You can put the brackets on the front or back. I selected to put them on the front to add character. You could also glue the pieces together. 

Next, attach your wire. I suggest to be very careful as you cut the pieces, the edges are very sharp. Two people makes the job easier. Start on one side and staple all edges, then cut the wire. 

Ta-Da! You are done!