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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Contact Paper Projects Ideas

I was recently in need of an affordable way to block the 3pm sun from my office window.  Decorative contact paper became my cheap solution.  You can purchase self-adhesive contact paper or shelf liners are most convenience stores like Target, Home Goods or Wal-mart.

I remember in college freshman year I had to get really creative with contact paper to cover up the 1980's fake wood paneled closets and it worked like a charm. 

Fourteen Contact Paper Project Ideas
#1- Line the inside of your drawers (actual intent)
#2- Line windows for privacy
#3- Line serving trays
#4- Frame the pattern
#5- Frame between photos for a decorative border
#6- Cover the outside of  your cabinets
#7- Stick to your ipad or laptop for a decorative decal
#8- Use as wallpaper
#9- Cover a cork board or magnetic board for extra pattern
#10- Gift wrap ugly boxes for reusable gift giving
#11- Use as a kitchen back splash
#12- Stick to the top of your desk
#13- Cover your dresser drawers or other furniture
#14- Place inside a bookshelf

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