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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Project

I am very proud to show you an easy weekend project that you can easily tackle. After being inspired by so many great wood accent walls on Pinterest, it was a 5 second thought process to do one inside our home. For us, it cost less than $40 to install.
Items needed:

Ugly wall (FREE)

Wood Screws ($8)

Electric Screwdriver (FREE if you have one)

Measuring Tape (FREE you must get one)

Reclaimed Wood (we took wood from our ugly car port since we have plans to rebuild soon, plus it was FREE)

1 inch by 3 inch posts ($8)

Wood Stain ($15) Optional
I promise you you won't regret this look in your home. It's very simple and can be done in one weekend.


So it goes said...

Looks great! I just wish I could find some wood! We had a bunch of old wood pallets but the wood was in horrible shape!

Eztoolhub said...

That’s great news! Awesome post. Most informative. I so need this! I hate having to look for other screwdrivers when I need a different size, and this would be perfect.

Jerome B. McCoy said...

That's a nice tip. It is a good idea to decorate my bedroom. It will be my next project. Thanks.

Graciela J. Engel said...

I have a lot of wood scraps, I usually cut them with my bandsaw. Wooden products are excellent. I like them. my children too.

lanzada said...

I love wood Colour ,its Very natural


Aaron Nobel said...

It is an informative post.

Dustin T said...

I really congratulate for the creating such an impressive wood wall project. Thank you for your valuable idea on this post.

Jeffrey K. Duck said...

Adding reclaimed wood to your interior is a quick way to introduce warmth and texture. That's a great idea.

ricardo said...

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David Smith said...

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James said...

I think the accent on the wall definitely set up the mood in the room - great job! What stain did you use for this? I like how it looked from the photos so wondering whether I'd use the same with my current project.

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