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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

I completely understand when someone says they do not tweet and they don't see the point. I was on the side of the fence and have a habit of judging new technology before testing. I found it very surprising that my husband was enjoying it so much until I finally caved and joined for myself. Here is my sell for why I think people can enjoy twitter if they use is to their own benefit.

Follow users with similar interests:
I follow those who post about DIY projects, bargain hunting, and interior design.

Follow accounts that are relevant to your passions:
I follow non-profits that inspire me.

Follow those on FB who you find interesting and not the others you can't defriend.
I found Twitter gave me the opportunity to weed out a lot of friends on FB who are not longer relevant to my life but yet I didn't have a reason to defriend.

Follow your favorite media outlets:
I get my headlines from Twitter. My husband does this with sports and it's quick and efficient.

Follow stores and restaurants that you like:
I enjoy following my favorite places because they may offer twitter only discounts or updates on products or services.

Follow anyone who makes you smile or happy:
I will admit that I have a few celebrities and comedians I follow, just as a small guilty pleasure. I also follow some of my favorite bands.

I agree that Twitter is not for everyone. I enjoy having my select group of people I follow (250) feeding me information that I find interesting, entertaining, useful or funny. I feel like I have more control of my experience in social media rather than with Facebook. Having an iphone has also increased the usability of twitter because the apps make it so easy to share a link, reply to a tweet or mention a friend or user account. Twitter is like anything, only as useful as what you get out of it.

If you tweet, follow me at @DecorellaKnox