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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sips and Strokes

If a place opens up by your house called "Sips and Strokes" you better bet that you'll want to take your bff Ali for a Friday night. Yes, that is the name and we had fun with it. We also have a place called "Sprited Artwork" but the name isn't as fun. They are both places where you take a one night painting class while they encourage you to drink. I love the concept. Each night is a different painting. Ali and I were lucky to have a private lesson and of course she ended up knowing the instructor through a friend. Those Morristown people are very friendly.

I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to go back. My favorite part was mixing all of the colors, it made me want to finger paint. If you want to go to a class, call me! I'll go! I' really the worst painter ever and I doubt Bryan will let me hang anything up. Oh well, it's fun!