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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fabulous Flowers

Flowers are truly not my thing. I know nothing about them and had to take a crash course to have flowers at the wedding. I originally didn't want any including bouquets but I was out voted and glad because they were a nice touch. The flowers were very simple and only used for the ceremony, bridal party and cake. My men's flowers were billy balls, I found them on a blog and had to have them. The girls bouquets were rananculus and peonies. I made fabric flowers for the reception chairs and tables. I found my florist from a friend, she does it as a side job and grew all of the flowers specifically for the wedding, all organic. To save on cost on flowers, we spaced flowers between hanging glass globes that were made by the mother's mosaic group. They were also used at my sister's wedding and on their way to another wedding. I am so pleased they will be used again. I had the idea from a wedding blog and they truly ran with it.


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