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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wedding Gift Ideas

We received some very thoughtful and personalized gifts for our wedding. I wanted to share three with you. #1- Frame the invitation they sent you. Julia did this for us (she also designed the invitations) but it was so meaningful to us.
#2 Cookbook with ingredients. Kirby and Christina were so creative in purchasing a cookbook (best Martha Stewart cookbook) and then they picked out a recipe (stuffed artichokes) and purchased ingredients from a great farmers market in NYC. It was so creative, special and fun! I'm going to use this idea!
#3 Custom Couple Print. Michelle (best friend and rockstar day of wedding planner) went above in beyond by hiring an artist ( to create a custom picture of us and had it framed to fit our decor. She didn't plan it but this outfit in the print I bought on our engagement trip in Greece, so meaningful to us. Even Mika's collar is special because that was her first collar. It is a great gift for an occasion.


Kirby said...

YEAH! so glad you loved the gift! those other gift ideas were great too! for my Best friend who is getting married in a few weeks I'm making her dress, but besides that I got her a custom hanger with her new last name and I'm going to frame a sketch of her dress that we designed together! I think weddings gifts can be so special!

Greengbles said...

Excited you're posting again. My stalking can recommence!