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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Personalized and Unique Weddings

Everyone who knows me knows I love Weddings. Whether I know the couple or not, I just love to attend weddings. There are hundreds of things I love about weddings, but I think the top is the list is a unique and personalized wedding. I love when you leave a wedding and get the feeling that it perfectly described the couple.

Two weeks ago, my sister Kim married her Australian man in Estes Park, Colorado. Their wedding was without a doubt a true reflection of them. It was outdoors in the most beautiful location on top of a mountain. It was simple in the details yet very warm and family oriented. She was the calmest and most relaxed bride I have ever seen. Here are some pictures from the wedding day.

She most wedding pictures of past guests as the center pieces, the favors were engraved luggage tags (she’s a flight attendant and he travels a lot with his job, the welcome baskets had souvenirs from Australia and there was a lot of dancing and drinking!