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Monday, June 9, 2014

Make Your Own Music Festival Headpiece

Modern day music festivals still look like a picture from Woodstock, tons of hot sweaty music lovers embracing the outdoor elements to hear world-class music. My favorite part of any music festival is the fashion. Music festivals are the place where almost anything is acceptable, although not all outfits are award-winning. I prefer to be fashionable, comfy yet feminine. The stable piece to any look is a flower headpiece. I made mine for Bonnaroo 2014 in just under $7.00.

Items Needed:
Green floral wire ($1.50)
Pliers (I owned)
Hot glue gun (I owned)
Assorted plastic flowers ($5.50, although you can easily use real flowers from your garden or florist)

Use the floral wire to make the shape around my head. 

Next, I cut off the flowers from the wire stems. 

The last step is to begin to build your headpiece by hot gluing your flowers as you desire. 


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