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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Upholstery Classes?

I am very disappointed with the lack of upholstery classes around the Southeast and probably most of the U.S. Many high schools taught upholstery as a workshop class, but with the downfall in public education we know that was one thing that has been cut. It also seems to have been cut or reduced from trade schools- a staple place to learn. There is one small class taught here in Knoxville at a small community school but the waiting list is so long (over a year) they won't even add any more students to the list. I have called mom and pop shops who claim to know, friends who have experience and still no luck in finding a real class or instructor.

Alternatives, I have found YouTube videos to be very helpful along with online searching about any issues I have while completing my projects. I have checked out plenty of upholstery books from the library but truly have found that experience is teaching me the most. Each project I become better and am proud to be self-taught.

I may go to Indiana or Texas for a weekend workshop to better enhance my knowledge. Anyone up for a road trip?


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