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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unfinished Business

I wish I could honestly say that I finish every project I start. But..... I don't. I know this is common. You set out to do a project and priorities change, you don't have the supplies you need or you lose interest. My basement has several very sad unfinished projects. I thought by including them in my blog it would show that I'm not perfect and maybe slightly inspire me to finish them.

I have put at least 5 hours of labor into this chair. I removed nailheads and fabric, sanded, primed. painted, reupholstered and just have nailheads left. I cannot find sturdy, high quality nailheads that will help me complete my project.

This chair is a fantastic find and has a lot of potential. I didn't notice it was missing a support piece until I was priming the chair. Until I get that fixed it will be in my sad basement.

I think I may have offically given up on this chair. I don't like it anymore. I struggled for a good amount of time on doing the fabric for the back support and I think I gave in and tossed the back support out. This way be my paint testing chair in the future or be recycled by someone else.