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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Custom Fabric printing

I have literally spent over seven months trying to find the perfect fabric for my upcoming May Wedding. I was looking for a geometric pattern in light yellow and gray. I wanted to use the fabric for the photo booth, lounge cushions and small details around the reception. I had just about given up until I found custom fabric printing. I had heard about it in a magazine and ruled it out expecting it to be super expensive. After visiting and seeing how affordable, easy and fun it is, I will definitely be purchasing some fabric for the wedding. There are several companies and websites that allow for custom fabric design but I particularly liked because they have templates to choose from and you can even have them create your project for you; lampshade, pillow, etc.

It's simple, you go to fabric creation and you get to choose from hundreds of templates; then you have five options for the size of the pattern, then you get to pick from a very large variety of colors. Some other websites only had one yellow, one blue, etc. It's about $18 a yard which, after doing a lot of research, I think it's worth $18. I found fabric as high as $200 a yard in fabric stores.

There are other websites that allow you to upload a photo or graphic to create custom fabric, I am also very intrigued by this but don't know that I currently need to go that custom for my wedding fabric. I hope to order mine soon and will report that outcome.


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